Senior School Uniform List

The school expects girls below the sixth form to wear full school uniform at all times, including on the journey to and from school.

In the sixth form rather more freedom is allowed and students are asked to adhere to a dress code which the girls themselves have agreed and which is outlined in their own sixth form handbook. They are expected to wear a plain white blouse and a black skirt or black tailored trousers for formal occasions such as Founders' Day, Prizegiving and Open Events and for formal school duties and end of term services.

The supplier of the uniform is F.R. Monkhouse Limited whose shops are located as follows:

Bury:                   Monkhouses (Intersport), The Rock, Bury. (tel: 0161 764 4320)

Rochdale:            51-53 Drake Street (tel:  01706 345257)


The following items must be purchased from F R Monkhouses  

Items marked ** are compulsory

**   Blazer        

Navy jacket with sky lining and badge


**  Pullover/or cardigan

Navy blue round neck cardigan with badge


**  Blouse

White, rever neck with sky badge; three quarter length sleeves


**  Skirt Yrs 7 - 9

School design, Bedford tartan.  Knee length only.


**  Skirt Yrs 10 -11

School design, tailored with kick pleat, Bedford tartan.  Knee length only.


**  Science overall

Navy wrapover


** PE equipment (all items compulsory unless otherwise indicated)

** PE equipment (all items compulsory unless otherwise indicated): Polo shirt, skort, hooped hockey socks, sweat shirt and tracksuit bottoms (navy, with badge), black ¾ sleeved  lycra leotard  ( non-compulsory), underlayer (non-compulsory) athletic shorts, white socks. The shirt, sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms should have the girl’s initial and second name embroidered in pale blue on the outside in addition to the name tape on the inside.



Navy, plain – school design only



School design with badge or plain black or navy blue



Navy/sky stripes, or plain navy. No other scarf may be worn


School coat Yrs 7 - 9

School design (with logo) or plain navy or black with no fur or adornments


School coat Yrs10 & 11 only

A coat in black or dark navy with no fur or adornments



The following items are also compulsory but may be purchased from any supplier :-


**  Food Technology apron

Premier bib apron



**  Swimsuit

One piece school costume, or plain navy if not



**  Swim cap




**  Swim towel

Any colour



**  Training shoes

Predominantly white with white laces or black with black laces



**  Mouth guard




**  Shin pads




**  Shoebag

** White/sports socks


Navy, large




The following items are necessary and may be purchased from any supplier:-



Plain black ankle with trousers or (in summer) with skirt



Plain black



These items are entirely optional :-





Hair ribbons and ties

Navy or black


Purse belt

Navy elasticated webbing


Hockey stick



Tennis racquet



Hockey boots, football boots or astro shoes



All items of clothing must be clearly labelled with your daughter's name.

Sew-on or iron-on tapes can be supplied by Monkhouses or easy2name leaflet in file.

Cookery basket – wicker (e.g.Lakeland)

Girls are expected to wear the BGSG PE Kit, listed in section D of the Staff Handbook, during all PE lessons, extra curricular activities, school sports events and fixtures.


Wearing PE Kit in School

The school expects all girls below the sixth form to wear full school uniform at all times other than when girls have a games fixture after school, for which a prompt start is essential. On these occasions, girls must wear the following items of BGSG PE kit:

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