Publicising our Pupils' Achievements on the Website

We are proud of our pupils’ achievements and we recognise that it gives to them additional pleasure if we publicise our congratulations on the school website.  Parents who do not wish their child’s name or image to appear on the website are asked to declare this at the beginning of the year when their child joins the school or subsequently to advise us in writing.

We are also happy to publish educational achievements of pupils which fall outside school time and the tuition we provide, for example, in sports other than those we ourselves teach.  In order to do this we must receive an email directly from the parent.  The eventual posting will then conclude ‘Information provided by parent.’

The school reserves the right both not to publish and also to remove items from the website.  It is not required to give reasons for doing so but in practice will aim to advise parents or pupils that this has happened.  It is a principle that all such items should be correct at the time of publication. 

March 2014

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