In the event of school closure (bad weather)

Information for parents

It is the Schools’ aim to remain open. It is acknowledged, however, that closure may become necessary for example in the event of adverse weather conditions.

In the event of the school having to close, in the first instance check the School's social media accounts for updates, either using Facebook (@BuryGrammarSchoolGirls) or Twitter 

 (no account needed) 

Information will be given on the websites of both schools:

Information will also be given on the following Radio Stations.

GMR 95.1 and 104.6 FM

Radio Lancashire 103.9, 95.5 and 104.5 FM and 855 and 1157 MW

Key 103 FM 103 FM

If, while your son or daughter is at home you are worried about the state of the roads and you decide to keep your child at home, then please phone the school in the normal way.

If snow is forecast, pupils who live within an hour's walking distance should come to school prepared to walk home (with a waterproof and warm jacket or coat, stout footwear, gloves etc.). Public transport can take several hours to cover a short distance.

If you are worried by the state of the roads when your child is in school and before the school takes action, then please come in to collect him/her or phone the school to give permission for him/her to leave and to go home on public transport or on foot (with, in the case of Junior School pupils, a senior school sibling). Infant School pupils may only be collected by the parent or by a nominated responsible person (adult).

In the event of the decision being taken to close the school during the school day:

Pupils who travel by coach

The coach companies will be asked to send coaches early. All pupils who travel by a school coach will wait in School until the buses arrive. If coaches cannot reach school, the companies will inform us and you will be contacted either by us directly or by your son or daughter. Pupils will be supervised in school until safe arrangements are made to get them home.

Pupils who travel other then by school coach

In the senior schools your son/daughter will be given permission to contact you to make arrangements to travel home. Junior School and Infant School parents will be contacted by the schools’ offices and asked to make arrangements for their children.

If there is more than one sibling of a family waiting to be collected then each pupil will wait in his/her own school. Parents should collect the eldest sibling who will know where the younger ones are. If there are considerable delays then pupils may be formed into one group which may be supervised in either of the Boys’ or Girls’ Schools.

Sixth form students who have recently passed their driving test and have driven to school are recommended not to drive in adverse weather conditions, but to take public transport. If a student decides to drive s/he should not carry other passengers.

Please ensure that emergency contact numbers kept on school records are up-to-date.

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