Life in Nursery and Pre school

The Nursery and Pre School day is based upon activities which allow children to formulate their own ideas about the world. We use a ‘natural calendar’ to link topics which are covered throughout the year and we seek to develop children’s interests in these areas. Topics studied are specifically tailored so children gain an understanding of and enjoy the culture in which we live. Whilst some topics are prescribed, most depend on the interests the children reveal. The ethnic and religious diversity of the Nursery and Pre School and the community will be considered as the prescribed topics are selected to ensure that each group of children enjoys input that is important to their culture.

Indoor and outdoor play is encouraged as a vital part of your child’s development. We seek to help your child gain a sense of self and of the world around them through participation in charity work. The children help to raise money for a wide variety of charities through pyjama days, non-uniform days and a sponsored toddle.

In the Nursery and Pre School there are five members of staff. All children are assigned to one nursery nurse who will be their key worker throughout the year. Most of the children’s activities take place in the Pre School building but during the week we use the Infant gym for our PE lessons.

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