The Nursery and Pre-School has a custom-built home in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Pre School building incorporates two rooms called ‘The Star Room’ and ‘The Sunshine Room.’ Each room is equipped with child friendly furniture with easily accessible toys and resources. The rooms are divided into different areas of learning in which the children are encouraged to initiate their own activities as well as participating in adult led activities. Resources are freely accessible to the children and are changed regularly to maintain interest and enthusiasm. Our outside play area is our third learning environment to which the children have continual access throughout the day.

A healthy diet and good table manners are a very important part of a child’s learning at this stage. We provide nutritious snacks including fruit and vegetables which are served as well as milk and water. Lunch is served in the specially designed ‘Sunshine Room’ where your child can choose either the nutritious school lunches, including a vegetarian option or sandwiches from home.

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