Bursaries are means tested awards based on academic performance and financial need. In order to qualify, girls need to be particularly successful in the Entrance Examination as, to ensure fairness, we consider candidates in order of academic merit.

Parents wishing to apply for an award are required to complete a statement of income form which is available from the bursary section of the website or the Bursar’s Office. This form needs to be returned to the Bursar together with appropriate documentation. 

These awards will be recalculated every year on the basis of income declarations. A sliding scale operates which means that if the parental income increases, then the fees payable will also increase. It should be stressed that these awards are made entirely at the discretion of the Governors.

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Please note that there are no awards available in the Junior School or Infant School.

We have now launched a range of Scholarships for girls entering Year 7.

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