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There are a number of non means-tested scholarships available - please see here for more details.

The entrance examination date for September 2018 entries is Thursday 25 January 2018.

Bury Grammar School Girls is an academically selective grammar school. The normal age of entry to the Senior School is at 11+ by means of an Entrance Examination consisting of papers in English (comprehension and creative writing) and Mathematics. Scores in the papers are combined, and then candidates are placed in a final order of merit. Pupils who have reached a satisfactory standard or who are close to it are invited, additionally, for interview. A reference is requested from the child’s current headteacher. It is the School’s policy that any pupil meeting the necessary standard of entry as defined in terms of academic achievement in the Entrance Examination should be offered a place, regardless of ethnic background, religion or financial circumstances.

The School has always regarded it as important to maintain as broad a social mix as possible by means of Governors’ Awards. These are funded from the School’s own Bursary Fund and the number who can be assisted each year depends upon the level of assistance required. Pupils in need of financial assistance are offered an Award in strict order of academic merit in the Entrance Examination, the award varying on a sliding scale according to individual financial circumstances. Typically, the School may be able to offer financial assistance to around 10-12 girls each year in an entry of 90-104. Bursaries are also available in the sixth form.

Pupils from Bury Grammar School Girls Junior School are required to go through the same entrance selection procedures as external candidates. Transfer to the Senior School is thus not automatic, but it is the norm.

The School is a member of the Manchester Consortium and along with all other member schools will issue offers of places on the same day. All decisions whether or not to award a place are final; individual marks and places in the Entrance Examination are not released. An Open Evening for Prospective Parents (both those who have received offers and those with daughters on the Reserve List) will be held shortly after the examination day.

Midstream Entry 11 – 16 years

Pupils are tested at other ages subject to availability of places. Normally such testing is confined to pupils moving into the Bury area from outside, but occasionally pupils from local schools will be tested if there are particular circumstances which make such a move desirable. The other schools concerned are always informed and references sought. Applicants are normally tested in mathematics, English, science and a modern language (and, for entry to Key Stage 4, in GCSE subjects). No bursaries are available for intermediate entry.

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